Thursday, December 1, 2011

Little Reader Chinese

Remember I wrote about Little Reader sometime back. And this time I was offered to try out the Little Reader Chinese (LRC). And of course I was excited and decided to take it on. Thanks, Brillkids for giving me the chance.

I have planned to send AIR1 to a kindergarten where Chinese is also taught. In whatever available time I have with him, I try to speak to him in as many languages as I can. However, when I try to speak to him in Chinese, he keeps quiet. I know he is absorbing, but I just wonder how much and if it is correct. I have used flash cards too, but he will say the 'item/animal/object' he sees in English or Malay but not in Chinese.

Then one day when I tried LRC with him, I was surprised that he responded and followed every word which was recited. And of course I translated it to him too. He especially like the 'Multisensory' animation with the baby or the kids. He enjoyed it and wanted more.

It would show the baby moving to lie down on the bed.

I was surprised by the reaction of AIR1 and how such a simple animation could attract a respond from a young child. Now I am hopeful he is actually learning the correct thing and pronounciation. He has managed to repeat clearly and even wanted to learn more. That was an almost-3-year-old.

Then it managed to exicte AIR2, who is now 17 months old. She too loved the 'Multisensory' segment. And both of them can just watch it repeatedly as AIR1 taps the mouse.

It has the same level of 'interactiveness' as the Little Reader, but of course I hope in due time, the Chinese words can be recognized by both of them. The pronunciation is clear and easily understood and repeated by AIR1. I gather AIR2 is listening and waiting for the right time before she too can 'read' and repeat what she hears correctly!!

Now, to another 255 days of lessons and more exciting things to come!! Can't wait as it is not a daily thing yet for us. Weekends and certain weekday nights for now. Two days to go till the next session!! Yipee!!

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