Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year Challange

Happy New Year!! (yeah, a tad late, but better late than never, right?)

Ok, this has been a really neglected many reasons and excuses I can give but I just blame it on the fact that when I feel like blogging, it's always the most inconvenient time ever and when I have the time, I'm not inspired. Can? :)

Anyways, my new year sort of started with a bang....yeah, kinda literally, cos I went for the Newton New Year Challenge! Not up to the full monty of 25km in those hills, so I did the 12km only. And of course, this time I fared much better, in fact, really well. A PB for me, inspite of the hilly route. Well, if it was really 12km (it felt shorter than 12, actually) and I did it in 1:13, it's an average of 6min pace...this technically means I can do a sub-60min for a normal 10km run....which I've not done in eons!!

OK, OK, let's just not get too excited for now....

At less than 2km from start, my MP3 decided to bonk out. (My first time taking it out for a race and it does that to me, how ungrateful!! ;p) Then the 'skirt & tights' I wore....had some technical issues...OK, the rear pocket on the skirt is unlike that of the tights so it 'bounces' more when loaded. This time I kept the MP3 in my arm wallet and phone in the rear, so the rear pocket was annoyingly bouncing too much. Less than 500m from start, I took the phone out and held it in my hands...and ran with it that way...then i added the earphones to the hand with my phone...

I'm used to holding my car keys while running, but this felt a lil' too much. I was half annoyed and displeased. But what to do? Continue running lah!!

Then Jaja and Bacin came I kept up my pace with them...till almost the end of the first hill...I let them by, knowing I couldn't keep it up anymore. So I ran my pace, but just as I reached the U-turn, I noticed they weren't too far in front. I had hopes of closing the gap, knowing it was impossible to keep up as there was another hill looming.

Impressed with my own hill work and breathing, I just kept to my pace...knowing I need to conquer another hill and it's only halfway through.

When we reached the main road of Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil, I knew the end was near, but then again, sometimes it's deceiving. After the last water station (seeing I could do it in less than 1:20), I decided to give it a push...but boy oh boy, up that last slope before the right turn at the traffic lights, I felt like passing out!! The distance to that traffic lights seemed forever!! Slowed down a little just after the turn to regain myself...and one final push till the end! Satisfied at 1:13, I was half smiling, knowing it was one great run!! Despite lack of milleage and proper training, I think this was superb (for me lah!).

Now, time to bring out the stroller and AIR2 again this weekend!! :D

The day continued with shopping and walking!!

Have a great 2012 y'all!!


isabelle said...

me? running with the bouncing lemak...itu pun masa kejar anak..hihi

Dancing Ciken said...

good timing mommy! aint no mountain high enough rite? So your training with the jogging stroller memang sangat berbaloi-baloi. happy to run with u and cant wait for more :D

K3vski said...

Well done and great start to the new year Reita! Pity I missed out on catching up with you, I was there too!

reitak said...

Isabelle, wei I pun same lah...its just 'hidden' :)

Jaja, yupyup can't wait for more!!

Kevin, I knew you were there but wasn't too sure, thought you'd have finished by the time I got there....walked around looking out for familiar faces ;) maybe another time, ya!!