Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Little Reader

It’s almost the end of the year so what’s new?

Same time last year, I was contemplating sending AIR1 to kindergarten (kindy). Too young – my conclusion. Between then and now, I did go around searching for more info on kindy nearby my workplace.

With the arrival of AIR2, I find it more difficult to find time to sit and read to AIR1. There is always the ‘jealousy-factor’ and the ‘no-time-factor’. And at one point (like now), it’s both at the same time.

I realized the importance of reading to a young child, even before he knows how to speak/read with AIR1. I read a lot to him and we (hub & I) noticed his strong growing interests for books. But of course, not many parents today think of introducing ‘reading’ to their kids at very young age. Even people I know sometimes say that their kids don’t even respond or understand, so why read to them. And that’s the misconception. The kids actually absorb what is read to them and they remember.

We would read almost every night (not bed time stories though). But throughout the process, he will not repeat after me. Then one fine day, out of the blue, he can recite almost exact, (actually he made it seem to sound like what he hears), the things he heard many months ago. For instance, a nursery rhyme which I’ve not ‘read’ with him recently (or thought him the hand gestures which was done many months ago.

And I was glad I read to him. Flash cards, books, picture books and even just simple ABC.

Then I chanced upon ‘BrillKids’. Down loaded some trial programmes and found them useful.

One of those is ‘Little Reader’.
It’s sort of like a read-with-me programme which I personally thought was very engaging. AIR2 (at 15months old) can stand and watch the whole thing, while AIR1 (33 months) will follow the whole programme and follow/respond to what is asked for.

What I enjoyed most about the programme is the multisensory section of it (see the photo above). This part is also both the AIRs’ favourite as it draws reactions from these kids. The sound from the animal keeps them glued.

BrillKids has few programmes which can be downloaded and used for a trial period – 2 weeks, I believe. There’s even a Math programme, Littlw Musician and Little Reader (photo shows the interface of this programme).

And after I tried it once on AIR1, he’s been asking for more daily. And he even wants to have control over the slides/programme on his own. Although at times we don’t get to do it daily, I find that he has started to recognize words and read. Not from memory but from mere recognition.

Hop on to BrillKids and learn what it has in store for you. I can’t wait to go through Little Reader daily with him!

Disclaimer - I was provided this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. I was not paid for this review, nor required to write a positive review.


yatie chomeyl said...

I pun read everynight to SN. eventhough nampak macam dia x peduli sgt, but he loves books. so i mmg selalu beli buku utk dia.

btw, thanks for sharing about this, nanti I nak jenguk jugak

Jaja Shah said...

this is so cool, thanks for sharing. i pun dah start baca buku untuk pippi