Monday, June 4, 2012

Five-Finger shoe

The very popular brand, 'Vibram' is actually quite expensive. Beyond my budget for just a running shoe to 'try out'. So when I chanced upon a cheaper version, I grabbed the opportunity and got hubby to buy too.

So when I first wore it window shopping, no difference. When I wore it more than half a day of on-off walking, I felt my calf ache the next day (I was pre-warned, actually). And then when I wore it for a short run, my calf hurt again.

So after a lapse of 2-3 weeks of inactivity, I decided to go for a run...more than 10km. And in my mind, the 5-finger has minimal cushioning (it promotes barefoot running), so I took my regular Ascis to have better cushioning. Boy, I was in for a surprise. Post run, immediately my knees had a achy feeling. I was worried. Is arthritis setting in? I iced both my knees and applied topical gel.

And the next day I was worried if I should take the 5-finger out. But finally I did. This time, it was 4km longer than the previous and guess what?? I didn't even suffer on my knee. (I had blister la, but that is nt relevant, cos I wasn't wearing socks) So I'm going to get myself a 5-finger socks and see what I can do this weekend!

It's highly recommended for those of you with knee problem...I'm not saying its a cure, but it has worked for me (and another friend, which I later found out).

Now, should I invest in a VFF? (Vibram Five Finger)

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