Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crazy end-July

I've been travelling quite a bit for work and neglecting this blog.

So much to write, but when I wait till I have time, I'm already drained.

Kids sleep close to 11pm (or sometimes even later) and by then I'm half asleep, especially days when hub comes back late too. Then, the early cycle the next morning starts all over again.

It's amazing how 5 days can change a lot of things. AIR1 greeted me by being extremely chatty on the day I returned from Pattaya. He had a larger vocab and started to summarize the 5 days into 5 mins. Adorable.

AIR2 was still groggy from sleep and took a while to adjust. Then, she got chatty too.

And this week, am back in Penang. AIR1 was the most excited when he saw Ah Ma and Ah Kong from afar. Almost jumping out from his seat in the car. Its been a great but hectic week. I wonder what AIR1 would think when we return to KL tomorrow? I already miss Penang.

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