Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Maiden Run

urrrgh! What's with my face?? Please ignore that.

It's not my maiden run, but AIR2's maiden run. Yes, she's never gone for a run with me before, sadly. It's always been AIR1. So this time around, I've decided to take her along.

Somehow along the way, the blanket landed on her face and she just couldn't be bothered. She enjoyed the run. She stayed awake throughout and didn't fuss about. 7km and it was good.

NTV7's feel good run.

But this jogger has got alignment problems and I have to keep pushing it harder on one side to prevent it from going towards the left. Aiks, end up, arm ache. Not very bad, but if the route is longer, I guess it will have more effect. Neways glad that I took her along despite not having enough sleep.

Can't wait to go for more.

Thanks Tey for the photo.


ajjah said...

wow.. must be a great experience! :) give me 7km and i'll pengsan!! haha

reitak said...

ajjah, yes it was for her, I think :) njoying the morning breeze in her face...

Yee Ling said...

By bringing out the girls also i am having hard times, what's more for a run...pengsan terus

isabelle said...


*pura2 pengsan, nak mengelak kena join

Dancing Ciken said...

yayyy! AIR2 relax je, mesti dia gayat duduk dalam stroller tu. alignment sudah lari ka? mine one still ok

reitak said...

YeeLing, yes can be tough at times bringing both, but after a while, used to it.

Is, hahahaha jom one day!

Jaja, since the begining, just that i didn't notice masa beli. hahaha, she 'marked her teritory' on the jogger dulu b4 start -muntah! :)