Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stuck at home!

It's 9th July, and at 545am, I headed to Bukit Jalil. What do you know?? The road block which I saw on the opposite direction the night before is now in my direction and am stuck!

YES, literally STUCK for 40mins cos no vehicles were moving at all. I had no escape. Cursed them and I was so tempted to wind down my windows to ask them what was their problem because they didn't even check or anything. PLUS this road does not only lead to KL but to many other places, so why not block at those relavant areas only???

after 40mins of time-wasted, I turned back home and decided to LSD near my housing area. Mood gone, headache crept in.

So it wasn't a real LSD but a longer run than usual, by definition. Ran through where the rich live. Ran through where the middle income earners live. And ran to buy myself newpaper, thosai and nasi lemak for the family :)

And now, stuck watching crappy paid-TV hoping that by the time the kids wake up, the roadblocks would've cleared and we'll have a good outing. This gloomy/hazy weather does not help. Swimming plans canceled. :(

What are you up to today?

I still need to BERSIH-kan my kitchen, though :)


isabelle said...

well, same here. gate tu tak unlock langsung

Dancing Ciken said...

fong lari frim that sat morning rite? i was there too, tapi tak lari la coz i bawa food for makan2 after the run. sayang u tak join fong :(

reitak said...

IS, ituler, luckily evening I went out...roads were clear!

Jaja, FRIM to jauh babas! ;p plus am not a trail person...plan nk ke Bkt Jalil tp tu ha, stuck. jadi 'caterer' pulak e? :)