Thursday, July 14, 2011

First born

First born - aren't they the luckiest ones?

Why do I say that? I've no one to compare with, but I've made observations on my kids.

When AIR1 was born, he had both our time soley to himself. Now that there's AIR2, he has to share the time. For someone who loves taking the kids out when I go for my runs, AIR1 followed me as soon as I was up and about.

2months - strolls
4months - runs, 1st time on the plane
6months - dip in pool and almost forthnightly thereafter
7months - first plane ride with mummy alone and subsequently few more
10months - first 'race' with mummy

But with AIR2, she was not as priviledged. I can't handle one delicate baby and one boisterous toddler at the same time, so its always the boisterous one first, leaving the delicate baby at home to rest with daddy who also needed to rest :)

6-7 months - strolls
10months - dip in pool
1 yr - first 'race' with mummy
and sadly no plane rides yet :(

But of course she has more exposure to the variety of toys and books and games at home, playing and learning together with her brother.

She's more aggressive than her brother, if u must know :)

However, this does not mean the first born is always better, it depends on how the child is brought up along the way too.

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yatie chomeyl said...

hais, bila la I nak bagi aidk jugak kat SN ni ye hehe