Friday, January 13, 2012

AIR1's 3rd

3 year just went by in a flash....

Technically, its on the 14th, but because we celebrated it at the nursery today, so I shall write about it today :) No photos because the kids were super excited with the cuppies and goody bag. One of the care-givers' son is a year older than him, also on the same day.

Baked them cuppies at 11pm the night before, finishing only at 130am....:( just as I was going to go to bed, Asrul had cry and wake up restless n seemed the time I went to was almost 230am..oh dear!

Erm, this time 3 years ago, I was still in the office....oblivious of what was going to happen later in the night which lasted for almost 24 hours....hehehe

But, indeed the 3 years had its ups and downs, but the best of it was knowing that a lil' baby boy is now all grown up....but still as stubborn and manja and likes to bully his sister, when his mood is bad, but loves his sister to bits in his good mood....

We had a quick conversation from kindy to nursery yesterday.

Me: Asrul, how old are you? (holding out my 3 fingers)
Asrul looks at me, until I prompted him....'3'

Me: What's your name?
Asrul : .....(I started saying Asrul, then he followed with) Irfan Riley.

Me: What is your sister's name?
Asrul: Sister
(I couldn't help laughing because it was the first time I asked him this, and it was a technically correct answer) Then I prompted him with Alvina Iman and he said 'Ranya'...

I wonder why kids (well to be specific ASrul) only remembers the last one only...even his own name, eversince he could speak. But he does call himself 'Asrul', only when asked for name, he will not say....weird....

Oh well...soon I'm going to miss his occassional 'Mummy, sayang' , asking me for a hug n kiss....

Mummy & Daddy hope you'll grow up be a brilliant child, succeed in whatever you do and of course, listen to us and treat us well when we grow old :)

Happy 3rd BIrthday, Asrul!!


Yee Ling said...

Happy Birthday to your boy!!

How time flies,and as they growing up, we are getting older.

isabelle said...

be a good boy tau

*sigh* we want them to grow fast, but when they do, we are sad (no more manja2 hugs & kisses)

Dancing Ciken said...

happy birthday AIR1. semoga jadi abang yang baik, aminnn