Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First Fight

Ok, technically not first but first one in kindy. Well, I guess he has reached the stage when boys will be boys.

Daddy texted me yesterday to say AIR1 got into a fight in kindy. I was like ‘OMG!!’ what happened? He said AIR1 got into a tiff with another boy apparently rushing for their water bottles. Then the other boy bit AIR1’s lips. Part of me thought it was rather funny and another was quite concerned.

But boys will be boys and he has a small cut(like how when we accidentally bite our lips or tongue) on his lip but otherwise he was ok. He didn’t even tell me about it in the evening when I fetched him from the babysitter. He told me the other caregiver’s son hit him instead. Hahaha oh well…those two boys have a 'thing' for each other.

Was supposed to asked his teacher more about it but due to the rain, I didn’t…not convenient lah standing there.

So what to do when your young child gets into a tiff? Later that night, Daddy told him that if his friend ever hits him, he should hit back. :) then I told him, but he can’t do that to his sister, even if his sister hit him first. :D

Now let’s sit back and see what happens next time…


isabelle said...

hihi.. i taught the same too.if someone hit u, hit back. kihkihkih

Dancing Ciken said...

fuyooo ganasnya siap main gigit2. takan la masa budak2 tu tengah berebut, penjaga sorang pun takde kat situ?