Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Solomon X-trail

My first so-called trail run, other than it being part of an adventure race or something to that effect. Signed up for it when it opened and was excited.  Close to my house so save travelling time J And then discovered it clashed with PJ Half Marathon. But I didn’t think too much about it as I wanted to try something different. Though I’ve heard it wasn’t too difficult a trail, but being the clumsy me, even walking on asphalt can be tricky. Yes…imagine that.

Was totally surprised that the ‘rack pack’ only consisted of a t-shirt and the race number. What?? What happened to at least a small piece of paper with at least the venue or time or date? Come on! I’m no first timer to races, but first time to this event. But what about first timer to races? I’m not asking for a booklet, but at least just one, ONE sheet of paper.

Found out my ex-colleague was also running and so we met before the start. Men were flagged off at 7am and women at 715am. We ran together until just before we hit the trail. Sorry, Yom, I had to leave you behind. A water pit greeted us at the start of the trail and there were people even taking off their socks n shoes before entering it. WHAT??? It’s a trail run…what did you expect? Clean and shinny shoes at the end of the run?

It was fun because I didn’t trip and fall although it was a slippery trail…after a bout of heavy rain. And I somewhat managed quite well downhill -  no mishaps, and even could take advantage of it to speed!! That’s really rare. I attribute it to the shoes, perhaps J And the uphill, on the ‘2nd round’ was a bit of a killer. Maybe because I pushed myself quite hard (cos I felt really good that morning) and almost the top, I actually felt light headed. Luckily it was all good when I reached the top.

‘Land mines’ were plenty on certain stretches and it was quite hard to spot at one point because of the glare from the sun.

It was all good as for a 11.4km trail, I managed approximately 1hr 25min (or so) cos I forgot to actually set my watch until somewhere in the trails :P but I did check my watch after the finish, so gauged from there. Now, I am looking forward to more exciting runs like this soon!!

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