Monday, October 15, 2012

When I Grow Up, I wanna be....

Typical 'what do you want to be?' question, right? But not for this AIR1.

One weekend, we dropped by a petshop. We will take them for a look-around if its in the mall we're at. So this time, he saw some hamsters and was very interested. He has never asked me for a pet before but somehow that day he did. I tink he was more fascinated by the hamster's cage than anything.

'Mummy can I have one?'

'No, not now. Next time when you are older'

'But I want, Mummy. Then buy this also', pointing to the hamster cages. My mum asked if I still had mine, but told her that she gave them to my cousins who have now given those away too. So, I guess the option to own a hamster won't be so soon. IF I did still have the cage, I would consider sooner, but now its going to be a larger investment, so no way! :P

Then that night, out of the blue I told AIR1 'Next time, when you are older Mummy will buy you the hamster, ok?'
'No, I don't want!' I was surprised, but glad in a way, but I probbed further.
'Puppy?' 'No!'
'Cat?' 'No!'
'Mickey Mouse?' 'No!'
'Rabbit?' 'No!'
'Chipmunk?' 'No!'

Exasperated, I asked....'but just now u wanted a hamster, now what do you want?'

'I want to be a BIG BOY!'

And we all burst out laughing in the car!! :)

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Fazahra said... say d darndest things..jauh imagination dia tu :)