Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Hour etcetera

It’s funny how our Saturday was. We went to a warehouse sale, more like it was hubby who wanted to go there and I ended up buying something. We were almost leaving when I suddenly went to the display case and took a look at some of the sunnies available and suddenly this particular unit just caught my attention and from then on, it was it. No matter how many more I tried on afterwards.

Then we went down to KL, our postponed trip to the Pavilion. Not that we love to shop there but we just love the coffee and mini cheesecakes. So since I wasn’t well 2 weeks’ back, we decided to go this week. Pavilion wasn’t the only reason we had to go to town. I wanted to get an ‘extension’ of the milk container and funny I should’ve bought something which could only be found at that particular branch of Parkson outlet. Aiyo, so much trouble for such a small item. Mum’s colourful pair of shoes is also no longer available. So looks like I’ve got to be on the lookout for something else for her.

Then there was Earth Hour. We had dinner in 1-Utama and our dinner stretched past 830pm. So just before 830pm, every table was given a tea light candle. And so we ate in the candle light. Well, it didn’t turn out to be romantic cos baby decided to have a mind of his own and refused milk when he woke up and wanted to be carried around moving, not in his stroller. What to do, there are things that have to be sacrificed when you have a small one along. Nonetheless it’s a joy to take him out with us every time.

Some of the outlet in the shopping mall actually dimmed or switched off their lights and left those near their display items on only. Some switched off completely, like the restaurant we were in. Except the kitchen of course. It’s interesting how people did work together for just this one hour. Maybe it should be on a larger scale and not just a once-a-year thing.

We can do a lot more than just switching off lights to save the environment. There are many ways to reduce our daily carbon footprint. I’ll have to start somewhere too. I keep telling myself I should take a bag when I do my grocery shopping, which I did yesterday, but I ended up with the same plastic bags before putting it into my bag. Hence, it equates to nothing. I just had a carry-all bag. Haha I forgot, I guess in the haste to tell the seller no need to give me the plastic bag. OK, next time I’ll bring that bag again when I go to Tesco. There we bag our things ourselves so I suppose I will remember.

For the first time in such a long time, well not THAT long, maybe in more than 2 months, yes since baby and I were allowed out of the house, yesterday we stayed in. We didn’t even go out for lunch, which we usually do on weekends even if we didn’t have plans to go anywhere else after. I finally cooked lunch. Simple lunch but since it’s been a while since I cooked rice and dishes, it wasn’t too bad an attempt.

I’m looking forward to spaggy night again tonight, in such a long time. Hopefully it turns out as good as before…and baby will allow me to cook properly and not rushed.

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