Thursday, March 26, 2009

Food for thoughts

It just didn't turn out as I wanted it to be. Perhaps I was in a hurry. But now I know better what to do next time.

Weird. It wasn't that baby was around. Perhaps it was the anxiety anticipating that baby will be home soon so I tried my best to speed things up. Yeah, but it tasted as good anyways, just that it would've been much better if left on the stove slightly longer.

Yeah, my Fish Head Curry....sorry la no pics...just imagine the best-looking fish head curry you've encountered with lots of ladies fingers and tomatoes. *perasan kan?*

And I've got thumbs-up to cook for my in-laws....oh no!! I don't like cooking for people, especially whom I'm not very certain how their taste-buds would adapt to my style of cooking. Somehow it's daunting. I'd much rather cook for my pals and even if it doesn't taste that great, its not so bad. Phai-seh perhaps. Not living up to your in-laws' expectations of your cooking. hahaha we'll have to wait and see la.

We 'graduated' from our favourite (at that time) grilled salmon. Somehow the blocks got larger everytime we bought it and cutting into two would make it too small and leaving it as one was too big, so we ended up not buying.

Then there was the pasta phase when I was preggy. Yes, I could have pasta for dinner almost everynight. Thank God I managed to cook up some commendable seafood pasta so hubby had no complains. Now, I wonder it that left over pasta sauce from 3 months ago is still fungi-free? Better de-clutter my fridge later.

And somehow now it's it fish head curry and 'sup ekor' phase. Sup ekor has been quite sometime. Almost (yeah, almost) once a week we'll have that.

But now that there's a new distraction in our life, cooking is not priority. I try to do it as often as I can cos it's definitely easier and faster than eating out with baby in tow, especially on weekdays. So far I think it's 3 times a week and some days of tapau while weekends we will eat out.

It's weird - I do miss cooking somehow. hahaha not that I'm such a fantastic cook, but then sometimes its quite fun concocting dishes you either end up eating with joy or forcing it down your throat (luckily that not so often la). Hmmm I miss my sambal belacan la...:P

For now, it'll have to be a wait-n-see strategy on our daily dinner fare. Maybe we'll eat out tonight?

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