Friday, March 27, 2009

Surprise! Surprise!

Haha I was pleasantly surprised....2 days in a row in the morning - no jams! the normal slow stretch in front of One Utama was there, but it wasn't extremely slow and after that it was smooth. I wonder what hapened....UMNO general assembly?

After cursing since monday till Wed about the jams, suddenly no jam, wah really surprising la. It's never happened, only on 2 different situations - school holidays (now holiday or not also jam) and when the petrol price was high. After that, jam along LDP was a daily love affair.

And to make the day better, yesterday I discovered that the stall selling breakfast in the morning near my place actually does sell quite good food. It's relatively new cos after Jan, the stall mended by two ladies were gone, then suddenly this new one appeared and I never tried it. Mum bought some kuih a couple of times but I was in confinement was it was all so elusive to me.

Then yesterday, our bread-stock was gone, and I was hungry so I just HAD to stop and buy the kuih. Then, the nasi lemak looked really nice. So being the greedy oink oink I was, I bought the nasi lemak too. And my oh my, superb nasi and the sambal was definitely my style. Hubby says it was nice because I was hungry....hahaha so today, I stopped by and noticed there was fried bihun, and that too wasn't too bad. Looks like I'll have to start controlling....:)

Have a good weekend people!!

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Fong said...

wei, makan byk is good motivation to train, becoz we feel guilty afterdat.. jom PD tri..