Monday, March 23, 2009

Extended Leave

Reality delivered a blow at me last week.

It didn't occur to me that I was THAT vulnerable. Who would've expected it, much less me. I was up and about right after delivery as though nothing happened, not sleeping the previous 24 hours and the coming 24 hours either.

So after the mandatory 30days confinement period of being pampered (in a way, minus the fact that you don't get to wash your hair as often or bathe as often) and being fed nutritious food, I felt really good. Looking and feeling healthy. Not an ounce more than before bulging.

Finally, after 7 weeks, I decided to 'trial run' sending baby to the nursery. Afterwhich, mum and I went for a walk in the park. It would've been my first jog in almost 11 months.Yes, 11 months! A miserable start, waking up all the muscles, veins and whatever-nots in my body which somehow went into hiding the last 11 months. Its wobbled, jiggled, hurt and every slightest movement accentuated every pain I used to have. I thought they were banished forever. Boy, was I wrong!

I was disspointed and depressed after a miserable 1.5 rounds of not even completely jogging, I succummbed to a stroll. Went home feeling good cos finally I broke a sweat the way it was supposed to. hehe Breakfast, shower, changed, sat around for a while and off we went shopping.

After two days, yes, only 2 days, day-two was much better, my body was showing signs for protest. I just didn't jog the next day. By then, too late. Was down with horrible achy and feverish body.

And then, I knew I NEEDED that extended leave to recover from the 60days I had earlier.

So hero I am not, I have to learn to chill when I have too. Opps, not in my office's aircond though cos that was what made me 'extend' my leave by another 2 days later that week.

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