Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why Do I Blog?

I was tagged by Isabelle…at a time when I seem to have sooo little time but sooo many things to complete.
So finally today, after I think almost a week later I manage to do this.

OK, why do I blog? (Aci tak if I link this back to one of my posts previously? Then I don’t need to re-write (or copy paste…hehe))

OKlah, nevermind, I’ll just babble…

I’ve always wanted to have a blog but I didn’t think I’d have time for it or would be good at doing this Somehow out of boredom, one day while being 8 months preggy, sitting in the office with a lot of time to spare, I finally decided to venture into this. And I’m stuck. Still pretty much amateur at this, I find that if I have more time, I guess I could have a better-looking blog…:)

I find blogging a way to release some vent stress or feelings which sometimes maybe difficult to share with people. But then again, not everything I would blog about. Since a blog is public, sometimes there are things which are preferred to be kept private. Well, my blog’s like a diary (with pictures though not many) and will be there forever for me to go through and recollect the bittersweet memories later.

I also blog to take my mind away from work…for that very brief moment. It kinda gives my brains a break.
And I realized that blogging has somewhat made me realize that sometimes there are many other people out there who are stuck in a similar predicament with me. (not good la, but it’s good to know and it helps to know that you’re not the only person) Also, its brought me closer (sort or la) to other new mums out there and there’s a lot of information and experience to be shared. (eh, this wasn’t the reason I blog, but then it made me realize that blogging makes me more aware of a lot of other things) erm, in a crude way, I may seem like being a busy body, but then again, its not…cos its information other people wants to share with you and vice versa.

I'm now stuck & enjoying every bit of it!! :D

Hmmmm lets see…I shall pass this on to Fazahra, Fong & YatieChomeyl


isabelle said...

whoa...done eventually.

well, basically blogging is an interesting way to write down emotions and experiences kan?

Anonymous said...

erkk..kena jugak problem
anyway lama dah xborak kan..benci tul my msn tu giler arr..