Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Candle Light Dinner

Hahaha candle-light huh? yah, 10 days of fasting and we got home from PaRam greeted by power failure. Aiyo!

How? candle-light dinner la what else? hahahaha

So, we had our meal on the balcony (slightly brighter), candles were left in the house, and baby AIR was on his bounce net while we were eating. hahaha thinking back, AIR must've thought why all of a sudden he's in that position. And watching us eat, he also wants to eat but this time all he got from us were just his toys...

So romantic, huh? kakakakaka

After that, I was praying that this won't last too long. And after exhausting my lap top battery, power came back bout 10pm. Luckily. Now I can finally iron my clothes for the next day. Thank goodness my place is quite airy, otherwise I'll probably have gone out already...(unfortunately in the first place I didn't because AIR was already asleep)

So much for candle light dinner...:P


oli said...

re: resepi here

isabelle said...

the place is airy, prolly bcoz of AIR. hehehe

Fong said...

ceh.. takde current yek?? igtkan buat dinner yg romantic...

reitak said...

Thanks Oli

Isabelle...ye kot :D

hahahaha buka posa romantic la tuh...:P