Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long Weekend

And while some had to work on 7th sept, Selangor observed the Nuzul Quran holiday. And so I took the opportunity to take AIR back to Penang. Since Daddy was busy and so we wouldn't be able to go for short trips anywhere, so I decided to take AIR back to Pg.

It's been sometime since we stayed longer than one night in Penang. So this was good time.

It was time to let AIR meet some family friends and his mummy meet up with some friends too. It was wonderful. Long awaited meet up with some close friends, dinner with family and it was fun.

Unfortunately on saturday night, AIR had fever, more like we only realised he had fever on Sunday. So off to the Dr and he was diagnose to have throat infection. Now, I felt uneasy in my throat too....I'm guessing the stale air in the plane could've been the cause. How else would I be also feeling the same? Oh well....

And it was a tiring sunday as he was down with fever and being really fretfull. I guess it was my 1st experience with baby down with fever. He's never got that before....(thinking back, I'm so proud that he was able to withstand all the jabs without any fever, otherwise I'd kaput no sooner)

Subang-Penang - AIR was awake the whole journey despite the flight being 715am and he was awake by 6am...he was sooooo sleepy by the time we got into the car in pg that while he was busy playing with the tagging on the luguage, he almost dozed off on the luguage itself. I actulaly saw him sort-off nodding of...can u imagine...a baby doing that...i thought this was only in adults...kekeke so I quickly carried him up and craddles him. Almost instantly, he was asleep...

Penang - Subang - I was afraid his fretfullness may be brought onto the flight. Thank God by 830pm he was fast asleep and oblivious to everything. Despite having the stroller carried down, and him carried up into the plane, he was fast asleep. Until we reached home, and the next morning.

It was a wonderful trip...my first experience with AIR alone travelling...on the plane and well...I guess we survived...:)


isabelle said...

wallawei..i'd go helter skelter to handle adam all by myself.
good job!

reitak said...

sure ka? but he's at the age where he's already mobile...ni not yet walking...

thanks :D