Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Portion Guide for the 21st century

Got this off a subscribed email and I thought it was pretty interesting....

A medium potato = a six-ounce soda can
3 ounces of meat = the size of a floppy disk (if the person still remembers what a floppy is)
One scoop of ice cream = a round iMac mouse
3 ounces of grilled fish = a PDA (small hand heldpersonal computer)
1 ounce of cheese = a pager (its so rare now)
1-tablespoon of olive oil (or other cooking oil)= an individual eye-shadow compact
A serving of pretzels or other snack food = a coffee mug full

My remarks were in italics. Funny how we need to learn portion control and since living in the 21st century, I guess some of us may need to practise portion control (not all are gifted with high metabolic rates, ya...)...and we were not like our forefathers who used to toil in the fields, or use up alot of energy in our work. We work indoors with the luxury of the air conditioned office (well, most of us lah) and so we don't actually burn as much as we consume....

Just wanted to share that 'cute' portion control guide....

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isabelle said...

3 ounces of meat = the size of a floppy disk.

err...i wonder how thick is the meat for that size. hehe. mengelat nak mkn byk.