Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mummy, Mummy!!

Gosh I think now I know the feeling of going home and having your child greet you.

It’s been sometime since Daddy fetches AIR home and they reach home first. So yesterday, after many weeks was its first. When I got home, after many unforeseen incidences (I’ll get to that later), he was hidden behind the sofa with Daddy but from his squeals of delight I knew where he was. So I tip-toed up to him and surprised him. He was delighted. He squealed even more. And continued laughing. Played/entertained him for a while before telling him I’ve gotta put the meat in the oven. Left him and he cried. I walked away and before I knew it, he was crawling after me and baby-talking (I presume asking me to slow down or not to go). Awwww….my heart just melted. So I waited for him to come and picked him up.

And so Daddy had to put the meat in the oven instead….:)

And to the incidences – as I was going to leave the office, it was raining cats and dogs(yes, incident #1), but thank God I had an umbrella. The worse part was, the moment I reached the car park, the rain stopped. Aiyo…imagine the nightmare walking in such heavy rain.

Got to the car and was greeted by the car not-starting (incident #2). Hmmm in the morning, the battery-check indicated ‘green’=good..and when I tried to start and it couldn’t, I checked and it showed ‘red’=dead! Darn….called colleague in the office to see if any of them were going to leave already. Thank God there was. So he came and helped me jump-start my car….and so after that, off I went to get the battery replaced. After 2 yrs 3 months….thank goodness no jam on the way back!!


isabelle said...

cheeky eh?
wait until he lets his bait down to attract u to play with him. masa tu, kalo kita penat2, haihhh... jenuh nak layan.

Fong said...

hehe, he could talk edy? cute =)

reitak said...

Isabelle....yalah...but then ....u just can't resist, kan? hmmmm

1 week of holiday and 1 whole week of layan-ing him, memang penat...he's a real attention seeker now...

Fong, lum..he baby-talks la...but lately at times its not just ohs -ahs or dada, more variety...that night, he really loved 'uncle Zul'...kekeke