Friday, January 22, 2010

Ayam Kampung

Wow…it’s been one whole week (or more) that I’ve not posted anything. Wait, I wasn’t very busy but I was away for 2 days…yeah to Tanjung Malim on 2 consecutive days and somehow it became a busy week.

There is a famed ayam kampong and minang-style restaurant, which we were told to try when we’re there. Last week, my colleague and I were there for 3 days, but somehow during that 3 days, no such luck. Day 1 – we went after lunch, Day 2 – we ate with our sub-con in Slim River and Day 3 – it wasn’t open till 1pm and we were leaving already.

So 3 days back we went there and saw that it was supposed to open at 1pm. At about 1.30pm, we went back there and saw the sign ‘Not open today’ to our disappointment and anger. Crap! What kind of business this fella is running??

So finally 2 days back, we got to try that famed spring chicken. And to my disappointment, the ones I can get in Klang Valley is much tastier and cheaper. Nothing to shout about la, that eatery. Its right smack next to SM Khir Johari. So, if anyone ever recommends you to try that place, just forget bout the hassle. Both my colleague and I are of the same opinion. Go to Yik Mun instead and have your meal there (not the pau, though) ;p


Fong said...

spring chicken = tim kai(Frog)? hehe.. yik mun pau no nice at all..

isabelle said...

ayam kampung?
u mean..ayam the chicken,
or 'that ayam'?

anyway, i have been influenced by my boss to eat ayam, once in a few mths, we'll go for ayam kampung.

eh, i ni terkeluar topik ke?

Fong said...