Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, New Concerns....

I’m now having stuffed/blocked (or whatever it’s called) nose. Crappy….it just happened on New Year’s day, one fine afternoon, I started sneezing and so it happened. First, it was the occasional block and now it seems like its blocked more often than its not. Hmmmm

Need a new nose? Hahahaha

There’s nothing much interesting yet happening for the new year, but in 9 days’ time, lil’ AIR will be turning 1. Oh Gosh! It’s a whole new number, I guess :D

New year, new babysitter for him too.

New place, new lady, older and only 1 other baby who is about 5 months old and so I guess he may not be having so much attention, but this lady’s children, late teens and early 20s like to entertain him when they’re back from work. So I guess it is not that bad afterall.

New babysitter seems to have good comments bout him. I wonder if he’s really only very manja with us. Hmmmm but every morning when I drop him off, he will cry. He will cling to me and not let go and when I hand him over to her, he will cry. Apparently it’s a ‘out of sight, out of mind’ thing. Not long after I leave, he will stop and just start playing. Hmmmm I hope this will die off….it’s rather disheartening.

However, I have a concern. I dunno if this is a common concern or its just that I’m over-concerned. I’m not trying to be biased, but this lady is in the kampong area. She only speaks Malay. We speak English and Malay and Hokkien to him at home (and if my dad is around he will amuse him with some Tamil). So he goes there trying to say what we’ve thought him but they don’t really know (those who are there at least). I’m just wondering if he will be at a disadvantage when it comes to developing his other language skills, other than Malay. Hahaha, I know it may be a bit premature but I just have that nagging feeling. Now I feel like quickly getting him to a playschool, at least he can have more friends and be more sociable there…but that will have to wait till at least 2 also la…hmmmm

He says ‘ka’ which is supposed to be car….and ‘ta’ for star or whatever other things we tell him…but we do know what he is referring to cos he will be pointing or nudging that direction. Star, fan, light, clock, shoe are all ‘ta’. There also sounds like ‘ta’ but if we listen closely its ‘teh’. And ‘brrooom brroom’ is for motorbike, or otherwise also known as ‘ka’.

I do know that babies and toddlers pick up language very fast….but then again, he spends more time awake at the babysitter’s than at home on weekdays. Aaargh!


isabelle said...

ahah...i face a similar problem.
when i speak english at home with adam, but there are times when he comes home articulating a few malay words i never taught.
aiyo!!! how la?

reitak said...


how ha? what can we do? I just hope he doesn't come back learing weird/not-meant-to-be-used words...;p

I think its the same for most kids. SOme pick up the Indon slang and vocab cos they spend so much time with their 'kakak'...