Thursday, January 14, 2010

AIR turns 1

AIR’s 1 today. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been one whole year. It seems like just a short while ago I was trying to ‘push’ him out and now he’s already 1!

This morning we lit 3 candles with letters A, I and R on a cupcake to let him blow the candles. He can blow his toy trumpet and the day before daddy taught him to blow to cool his porridge. But this morning, he starred at the candles and just wanted to grab it. No amount of demo and persuasion to blow could make him blow. So we blew it for him. Then he grabbed the candles and somewhat wanted to eat the candles! And so that was the morning of his birthday.


yatie chomeyl said...

hepi 1st bday to AIR

isabelle said...

happy birthday, little munchkin!
haipp...don't eat the candles!!!
i know one day, he'll be obsessed everytime he sees candles.

Fong said...

happy birthday AIR =) nanti grow up must be as cute as now tau... <- bday wish for him