Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Anugerah buatmu (tag from Isabelle)

Thanks to Isabelle....:)

I didn't realise this tag is actually quite long, until I started to do it. Hmmmm here goes...

3 names in your message inbox, hp ke social profile ?

Fong, Jamira, Mi

Your main Ringtone.

Alamak...I can't rmbr the title of the song.

What u did at 12 last night?
12? Slept already la…

Who was the last person you went out with? where?
Erm, 4 of my keligs, out to Ikano area for lunch.

The colour of the T-shirt you're wearing now
Striped shirt, orange and white.

The last thing u did.
Am still doing something….answering this tag.

3 of your everyday favorite items
Breakfast, lunch, dinner

The colour of your bedroom.

How much money in your wallet now?
Dunno la, around RM300 kot

How's life

Good, the same, as usual

your favorite song..
none in particular, anything nice

What will you do next weekend?
Maybe meet my God-sis for breakfast, lunch not sure but Jap dinner.

When was the last time you saw your mum
Early March 2010. 3 weeks ago.

Where is she now?
Probably at home watching her serial drama.

When was the last time you talked to your parent?
Last night

Who is the last person that talked with you last night?
Hubby la

Where did you have dinner last night?
At home

The last surprise you got.
Mum’s reaction when I told her I am pregnant again.

Last thing you borrowed from your friend.
A blue pen.

Who is your bf/gf or husband/wife?
Hubby la

What do you feel now?
Can’t wait for my facial appt in 2hrs.

Wanna share with who?

Who knows your secret?
Me, Myself and I

They keep your secret?
better be...

Are you angry with someone?
Erm not exactly

What do you order at McD?
Usually quarter pounder, until they introduced Big&Tasty

The last time you felt so sad
Now it’s hormonal….

Mahu tag?
Of course….
1. Sawsawlady
2. Fong
3. Yatie Chomeyl
4. Fazahra


isabelle said...

done ek? good.

LoveZahra said...

adoi kena jugak yek..last u tag i pun xbuat lagi rasanya...ok-ok..this 1 cam ez..hehe..chekidout bebeh!!