Friday, March 19, 2010

Pregnant and fashionable?

What would you wear when you’re pregnant?

Would you show off your tummy, i.e. wear fitting (clothes with stretchable material) clothes to emphasize it (last pic) or would you wear the usual maternity baggy-hide-your-tummy kind of outfit?

Some people (men and women inclusive) finds emphasizing the tummy offensive and not fashionable. Some find it sexy. I'm of the second opinion, until of course when my belly-button decides to pop! Then I'm more cautious bout showing it off :)

What's your pregnancy-fashion-statement?


Fong said...

seeing both pic, i think i like fitting better, sempoi jere..

lovezahra said...

mine..sure loose a bit lar..
pakai tudung then baju ketat perut bulat..malulaa..apapun yang penting selesa..