Wednesday, March 10, 2010


These two incidences made me think. (Not serious incidences)

I had the craving for teh tarik. So yesterday I tapau-ed from this usual shop. RM1.50 if you have it there and RM1.50 also if tapau. hmmmm and the portion is even larger than the eat-in one. OK.

This morning, same thing. But I tapau-ed from a hawker centre. RM1.00 eat-in and RM1.00 takeaway too. And same case, larger portion.

These were hot drinks, hence ice portions don't come into the picture.

I remember last time when I used to frequent those chinese hawker shops a.k.a kopitiam, if u eat-in its cheaper than takeaway. Drinks at RM1.00 (for example) eat-in would cost RM1.10 or RM1.20 takeaway. The logic? Plastic bags (packaging) is more expensive than the washing.

But now? Or maybe its still the practise in those kopitiam. Hmmmm I must go check one of these days. :)


Fong said...

kene tapau lebeh pas ni..

reitak said...

TU ler, tapi tak environmental-friendly la...all the plastic bags...;p
bring your own extra large cup can? :D

Fong said...

then u suh discount, coz da jimat plastic bag die.. =)