Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Apply for Year One Online

This morning I saw a write up in the newspapers regarding registration of kids into Year 1 online. Well, it’s still a long way to go for my son, but I was just wondering what the hype is all about.


so I clicked on that. Supposed to be the 1st online school registration system in Malaysia la, and it’s been implemented in Selangor – something we should be proud off… :) (konon-nyer la)

And so after doing other things, I went back to that page and it gave me a ‘site not found’ error statement. Whopps! Nevermind, I tried again. Luckily this time the page popped out. Nothing spectacular.

So you have to put in the MyKid number and some basic info before proceeding. So I just stopped there.I wonder if this would make things easier for the parents, not having to queue at the schools of their choice to register (and perhaps save a lot of time)?


Fong said...

huish, cepat sungguh.. hehe.. 6 tahun seems long, but time flies =)

isabelle said...

we have to register that early?