Monday, April 12, 2010

Expensive Pulau Redang

Pulau Redang hotels would cost more? And by that, it’s not RM100 more but it’s going to cost USD500 for hotel? Goodness….and this will deprive Malaysians from ever being able to visit our very own Pulau Redang.
This is ridiculous. It’s such a pity.

Divers go there to dive, they do not mind cheap hotels just for the overnight. They know they have to keep the place clean and not harm the other living things there.

If it’s going to cost USD500 just for a hotel stay, these pampered rich would not give a second thought on littering, and their pompous lifestyle would just ruin everything.

And the saddest fact is that probably our future generation would find it more of a financial burden to even just pop over to visit.

What’s going to happen to the less than RM100 per night chalets which allow us to enjoy the sea breeze at night and gaze into the stars will sitting by the balcony?

What’s wrong with these people anyway?


isabelle said...

xpe la. i'd always go back to perhentian.
x pi redang pun, x pe la.huhu

Fong said...

hehe, i think redang is too poluted, dats d only way.. i think they should close to everyone & start doing conservation =)

reitak said...

fong, polluted? when I went didn't think it was tho....that was 5-6 yrs back I think :)

isabelle - haven't set foot there yet...perhaps next Perhentian Island Challenge la, fong, JOM!