Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My office sits in a new building. Only our office has taken up this floor and the other floors are not fully occupied either. Building owner (KLK) occupies few of the other floors while many are still empty.

Received an email yesterday saying that there were incidences where the rubbish bins were rummaged through and rubbish strewn about, sounds of things falling from the ceiling to the sink and sounds on the ceiling of the women’s toilet. All these were seen/experienced by my other colleagues. Eeee…that’s so terrible. If there peeing-toms, why would they want to rummage through the toilet rubbish bin? But some say they ‘saw’ things of the other dimension….but in broad-daylight? Am thinking it’s more likely to be peeing-toms…

But whatever it was, we were encouraged to go to the ladies in pairs, at least….that was in the email and it reminded me of primary school days. I think it was during Std 1-3 when we were encouraged to go to the toilet in pairs.

Now that we’re in the workforce also the same? But I hate it when I know there’s someone I know also in the toilet . Thank God I’ve not encountered these things yet, so I shall keep my fingers crossed and still go solo ;p

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isabelle said...

huhu... spooky eh, wpun in teh daylight.
tapi apakehalnye yg nak rummage the wastebin?