Monday, April 12, 2010

Vocab at 15 months

At 15 months, I don’t think he has a great range of vocab yet, but I guess its getting there. It’s funny how sometimes they learn the word, use it so often and then suddenly doesn’t want to say it anymore.

His favourite current list stands at

1. Buah – which is supposed to be bunga (I guess ‘nga’ is not easy at 6 months cos it was his first word and it is still stuck at buah) or when I say flower he will respond with ‘buah’
2. Ba – ball
3. Star – also one of his first words but now not so interested anymore
4. Dedi, d – daddy
5. Mam, mamam – mummy and food (which more often I think he meant the later)
6. Ka – car
7. Nak – nak
8. Tanak – tak nak (sometimes, more often, he will just shake his head)
9. Kakak
10. Katak
11. Adik
12. Ah ma – grandma
13. Ba – bus or the occasional ‘bak’
14. Grrrr – when he sees a tiger/lion and spongebob (don't ask me why but perhaps the colour)
15. Eeeyaauu eeeyaauu – when he sees a cat/kitten
16. Woo woo – barking sound when he gets his stuffed dog or sees any dog
17. Azan (to which he will also animate with his own version of the Azan)

Erm, that’s all that I can think of for now…


Fong said...

haha..cute,u actually document it =) dictionary for kiddo =)

reitak said...

just to remember his progress :)
oh, he says 'no more' too...with the hand action :)
but he's picking words almost one a day or in two days now....