Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hot hot hot!

Why do I have to sweat it out every morning?

And by that I don't mean that I was even doing any form of exercise or mild exertion for that matter, which by far, I'd rather be doing. Gosh, arriving at the office prior to the centralised air-conditioning being switched on is horrible! On top of the fact that these few days sees such warm weather. I might as well be biking or running to work for all I care! At least I get the satisfaction.

Sorry lah to you folks if tetiba ada nice smell 'topped' with a weird smell! (opps! too much info! ;p)

Maybe I should just be wearing t-shirt until the air-cond switches on....hmmmmph!


isabelle said...

ahahah..xpe, the smell x kuar ikut celah2 pc nih.

Fong said...

hehe.. i think skang ni lg cpt panas, byk heat dissipation, internal n external.. hehe.

ian yusof said...

pasang aircond skali ngan kipas during bedtime nowadays ... the heat semacam jer lately.