Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Call it coincidence or just sheer bad timing.

Hubby says he wasn't feeling too good yesterday before going home. Iwas fine. Unfortunately, on the way driving back, munching on roast chicken while stuck in a jam on Kerinchi Link, suddenly I realised I wasn't feeling too great either.

Quite normal to have the occasional tired-legs-sensation (it started about week 25 and now I'm week 28+) so I just didn't bother. Told hub to help carry already-sleeping AIR and my bag which was rather heavy when we get back home.

Cooked dinner, but legs were not feeling too great. Achy feeling in the body too. Ahhh crap. Perhaps after a good night's sleep I'll be rejuvenated. But no!

Heck NO! Woke up with that strange feeling (I get that when am about to have fever or something) and suddenly diarrohea. OMG! What's happening??

Weak to very weak. Thoughts of not coming to work flashed by. But I still had to send AIR to bbsitter cos with him around, there was no way we could have any rest. That's why am at work now and contemplating going back early.

Feel better after a hot bowl of soupy noodle and bubur ayam McD tapau-ed to spare ;p Think I'll just spend the rest of the day here...my legs are still weary and I don't want to be driving back alone.


isabelle said...

take a good rest, babe.
pamper urself with some chocolate and chamomile tea. plus mr masseur...hehe

err...papa AIR baca tak cadangan nie? :P

Mommy Lyna said...

hi dear

sorry for not able to msg u earlier. for family day registration u can email me at mommy@fahry.net yar :)

TQ!! c u there!

reitak said...

Thanks Isabelle...getting bit better...

papa pun down & out! ;p

Mommy Lyna, thanks..will do!

Fong said...

SIAN.. rest well k.. mcm2 happen during now.. =)