Thursday, June 9, 2011


Finally managed to squeeze in a spa-treat. Well, actually its just a massage session. Badly needed.

But I came out dissapointed.

Massuer was a blind lady in her 40s, Sabahan and new to this place. Started off quite well but in the end, she gave me more of a accupressure-type of massage compared to what I wanted, Shiatsu. So my upper body remains 'unsatisfied' (ok, don't misinterpret, ya! hahaha) but my lower half - not too bad. Just that my already stiff knee from this morning feels weird, despite me telling her to 'knead' it lightly. Hope it will feel better by tomorrow morning!

Now when will my next precious session be, I wonder....


isabelle said...

hmm.. cannot demand from the masseuse eh?
mine is next week.cant wait.

Fong said...

hehe.. nice.. i like too.. =) aydeen massages me too.. he dengki if i baring situ.. will come to kaco..