Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HooHathlon, Father's Day & Birthday

AIR2 will turn 1 on 23rd June so we decided to have a birthday celebration for her the weekend before, and in coincided with Father's day.

It was a tiring day as I had a really really short triathlon race (HooHathlon) in the morning (my first tri race after giving birth to these 2 brats). Swam in the Putrajaya Lake in Precint 6 (Pusat Sukan Air), cycled around Putrajaya and we ran around that same lake again. The swim and run was somewhat a new place for me, but cycling in Putrajaya was not new. Knowing it was a short race, I pushed really hard on the bike. OK, my definition of 'hard' here is just to maintain an average of 30km/h, despite minimal training. Cycling is not my forte. Think I managed quite close to that (meter was bonkers throughout the 10.6km ride) and by the time I started the run, I was panting like crazy. If I had a HRM, I think I must've been doing more than 100%!! hehehe

on the way to the 2.5km mark

And so I ran. The 5km run never felt so long. It was already hot, although it was barely 9am. OK, when I checked with Fong, she too felt the run was long. Maybe it was the heat. Quite proud of myself that on the return leg (we had a u-turn point), I was pulling 2 guys along with me. Both seemed like first timers and one seems like a runner. I think we were all too tired to small talk. :) We crossed the finish line together!! (can't seem to transfer the photo from my phone)

Headed home after a short after event-ceremony. Goodie bag was super! There was BBQ buffet too..

Both AIRs were extremely manja when they saw me. Changed, got them ready and we headed out for lunch with my parents too. AIR1 slept on the way to lunch, AIR2 slept on the way to the party.

Then we were ready for the party!

Guests came abit later than 4pm but we were all good as the birthday girl was still asleep. She awaken to a crowd of new faces and she didn't really like it. (photo not downloaded yet ;p)

Will post bout the birthday later. We had a great time, though AIR1 and AIR2 took turns to stick to us. Thank goodness AIR1 was comfortable playing with Lil' Adam and they were preoccupied.

It was fun and hassle free for us, otherwise cleaning up would have been soooooo tiring!

Thanks for coming and all the presents, ya!!

And thanks Tey, for the race photos!


Dancing Ciken said...

yayyy congrats! finally, u did your tri race. pergh then continue with the birthday party, minum herba tea pagi2 ke? LOL

we really miss u!

K3vski said...

Welcome back! Are you hooked again? Hehe.

reitak said...

THanks Jaja, I slow & easy jer...herbal tea? tak sempat nk minum, kelam kabut nk kuar rumah before asrul awakes :)

Thanks, Kev, am always hooked but I realised that I have still a lot to work on to get back to pre-kids' fitness :)

isabelle said...

fuh..mahal gambar ni...
tapi still x dpt pujuk i hidup secara sihat.hihihi