Friday, June 3, 2011


It was just not meant to be... Registered and forgot that it was the same weekend I was going up north. And here I am, up north in Kedah, for a relative's kenduri. Next stop will be Penang to see mummy & daddy. This means no training at all this weekend! :(

Oh dear...the weather, coupled with a super-sticky-AIR2, it hasn't been easy. Except when she has slept. She'll crawl all over, grab everything in her way and unfortunately me being against the fact that there are cats wondering in the house during other times of the day, makes me uneasy letting her crawl all over..I'll be calling after her, running after her and trying to grab her before she grabs anything.

And because of that, my already not-so-perfect left knee is now suffering.
Hope tomorrow will be better.


Dancing Ciken said...

try ajar AIR2 bagi balik kat u benda yang dia kutip. i ada baca this one article, memang masa mula2 susah nak train, but later babies will understand with what we want from them. sikit2 la mama, dont torture yourself k

Fong said...

hehehe... ble ajar bb buat gitu yek??? wei, please jaga ur lutut.. i pun kene jaga mine.. =( tc..