Monday, June 13, 2011

AIR2 almost 1 year after

In exactly 10 days, AIR2 will turn 1. Time really flies. But being the 2nd child in the family, the excitement has worn down a little compared to AIR1. Nevertheless, we will still hold a party for the lil’ princess and have a small celebration together.

At almost 1, she
- Still does not have any teeth (yes, it’s amazing, but she being No.2, I'm not worried as I'm now abit more aware than before)
- Loves to stand, but still can’t do a hands-free
- Likes to grab and hold on tight to people who carry her, i.e. me or daddy
- Is not stranger-friendly at all
- Loves to play ‘cak’
- Does not give up easily when trying to keep what’s hers, hers…especially if her brother is the one taking it away from her
- Loves to scream when she’s not happy with anything/anyone
- Is an ultra-light sleeper…the WILL ALWAYs wake up when lifted/moved from current sleeping position
- Ultra-clingy

Let's hope she will somehow enjoy the birthday party....


Dancing Ciken said...

she looks exactly like pippi! cant wait to see her, eeeiiii geram!

kecik2 lagi dah pandai cerewet ye

reitak said...

yesyes, tapi i perasan pippi cam dah slim skit, tul?

kadang i wonder if it's because I named her ranya (or rania which means princess, tats why cerewet ;p)