Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Since I was going to be alone on Saturday, I decided to ‘explore’ 1U, this time it’s new wing to see what’s new, cos we’ve always been frequenting the old wing.

It still seems pretty much the same, except for some revamp on the GF. Managed to grab a bargain top for mum before spending lots of time in Parkson and then my tummy decided it was lunch time.

So I decided to head to Delicious. I’ve not tried the food there, it has always been the cakes. After pondering on the menu, I decided upon Smoked Salmon Angel Hair and Death by Chocolate. The Angel Hair comes in cream sauce topped with some caviar. It caught my interest and it tasted quite nice. I’m a sucker for anything in cream sauce. Hehe….

Smoked Salmon Angel Hair licked clean...

Death by Chocolate was tame…not as I expected it to be, somewhat much milder that that of similar in Dome. It was simple iced choc with vanilla ice cream.

Death by Chocolate

Somewhat I think I’ll drop by Delicious again. Something tells me that I wanna try more of their food.

But the highlight of my lunch was this couple (a mid-20s to early 30s lady with her mom) who were speaking Hokkien mostly, sitting next to me. So anyway, it didn’t really bother me until the fact that when my main came, the mum (let’s call her M and doter D) asked D what I was having. So she said it was pasta. Fine. They were talking about food, what they were having etc etc and it wasn’t my intention to eavesdrop but they were so close and I just could hear everything.

And when I finished with my pasta and went on to my drink, trying to take it in slowly and enjoying every bit of it, D asked M, this time it was something like ‘She’s pregnant and isn’t coffee bad or not good for pregnant ladies? Doesn’t she know about it? ‘ she paused and added ‘They should somewhat have similar food ‘pantangs’, right?’ They, referred to Malays, cos I looked Malay. And M told her that yeah, it’s supposed to be not good for pregnant people cos blah blah blah….then she added that maybe it’s because I was craving coffee. Pregnant women have weird cravings and their taste actually change a lot. And then D added, ‘Shouldn’t cold stuff be avoided?’ I was about to interject their conversation by answering to them that I was having cold choc and not coffee….but I held myself. I dunno who’d be more embarrassed. Hehe…and I was thinking to myself, I don’t have cold drinks very often, but since my mum and doctor told me its ok, so IT IS OK la….:)

And so their conversation on pregnant women went on and on, even up till I’ve ‘drank to my death’, paid my bill and left.

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