Sunday, November 23, 2008

What a Sunday!

I just couldn't belive what I saw on my phone - I got a text message from my boss on a Sunday morning asking me to be at the office about noon, and the time was already 11am. Goodness....Hello, it IS a SUNDAY....

And when I thought he mentioned that we maybe asked to come back over the weekend to help finish some documents, I had in mind Saturday. And since my Saturday wasn't disturbed, I thought that we were not needed at all...haha, fat chance, I suppose.

I had already planned to stay in the whole afternoon with the telly until it was time to go to the airport to fetch hubby. And so my lazy-sunday was busted. Still rather groggy, I had to get myself ready and then go for my lunch la. Hmmm on my way out of the house then only I replied the message saying that I would be late.

And so here I am in the office, already done with what I could do, waiting for both the bosses to be back. I shall make my getaway soon! :P

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