Thursday, November 27, 2008

We Walked, Walked and walked

Yesterday was a whole lot of walking for me. After my checkup, it was walk & shop time...

After my hearty lunch at Dome, yes I finally had my serving of Dome's Chicken & Mushroom pie while hubby had catch of the day. Yummy, both were...I loved the herb rice which came with the Catch of the Day, and the fish was nicely done. The Pie was as usual. But the Twister wasn't as good as it was before. It was a let-down.

Then, we set off for almost 4 hours or roaming around, shopping for some necessities before deciding it was time to go. LUckily we left when we left.

And after a short 1.5 hours of streched-out-legs resting, I set off for another adventure. This time close to home, but it was not short of another 2 hours of walking. Gosh. My legs weren't really THAT tired, but my problematic right ankle did shown some signs of relief when I finally sat down again. I love browsing around, in search of what I want...and perhaps on the lookout of a good bargain.

This morning, I woke up to some weird muscle ache in the hamstring. hahaha yeah, its weird, and some slight pain in my right ankle. But all's well now.

I'm planning what to wear for the event of saturday night. Yes, I'm going to KL Film Festival in PWTC. hmmmmm

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