Friday, November 28, 2008

Online shopping anyone?

I made an online purchase yesterday with online banking too. (this would be my first time using that combination la - aiyo, so jakun) haha anyway, I was told that delivery would take 2-3 days. Fine by me, I'm in no rush to receive the package.

But suddenly, this morning, not even 10am, and it was sitting on my table waiting for me already. Boy was I surprised. Never did I expect such efficiency. And it all came via Poslaju and not any other courier services.

There it was waiting for me....

I didn't unwrap it instantly la..cos I already knew what was inside...hehehe

It's Friday already!! Yipee!! I can't wait for tomorrow's event. It's gonna be my 2nd time, and I'll make sure I will not miss out on any camera-worthy shots. Yala, what to do, I'm cam-shy ma...

I'm entering Week 33 already and this morning I woke up actually feeling that I'm carrying something. Yeah, so now it is getting heavy. haha before this I didn't even notice the 'weight' except for it's expanding size. :D

But the funny thing is I was reading this article saying that by this time, I'll probably be getting disturbed sleep at night due to frequent urinating spells and also difficulty in finding a 'perfect' position to lie in bed. The first one - no, I don't seem to be experiencing that, unless I'm awake. Funny. But number two - yeah, sometimes, but usually I'm quite bonked when I get to bed at night I so far, thank God I'll sleep through till the next morning, just few minuted before my alarm goes off!

I'm excited....

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