Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today I finally got out of office. YES! After 3 weeks of warming my seat in the office, I finally visited the site again. Haha felt like a kid being let out of the house after being couped up for ages. Funny eh. Not that I just wanted to visit the site but there were problems which have been left unattended to for too long. So word has got to me and well....have to just go and take a look at it. Otherwise there'll be more phone calls daily to me.

Well, at least it added variety to my day today. At least I didn't have to face the PC throughout the day. And so I had the mutton curry which I've not taken for ages.

Its weird that sometimes I just feel helpless. I think its because I keep thinking I haven't been able to train. I have set my goal. I want to do at least one OD race this year and if i manage that maybe the 70.3. But somehow I haven't managed to get myself to train. I WILL try and find some time to do it. It's tough now to find the time. Looks like I've got to start waking up early again. Back to the grind man!!

Now I'm beginning to wonder if it's safe to run at 6am around my housing area. Or should I wait till at least 7am when there's light. Maybe I HAVE to really try it once so I can adjust after that. Pray that I'll be safe.

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Fong said...

ameeen.... 70.3 jom....