Friday, August 28, 2009

Run, Run, Run

On the 5th day of Ramadhan I finally managed to do what I wanted - get out there and run before breaking fast. And so I did!!
I was esctatic!!

It was a gloomy evening and I felt like I had the whole TTDI park to myself. The only other runner has decided to run outside and within the park were some people walking around, some with kids and some just contemplating if they should stay or leave, as it seemed like it was going to pour!

I started and felt like all my joints were going to be jolted off their sockets. Funny feeling it was. I've never trained/ran before breaking fast, last year all was done after sahur. This year, time was an issue, so the only spare time i had was in the evening.

I ran and ran and I just felt good. I think i ran almost as fast as normal, but midway I had tummy cramps which I had to slow down. Seriously painful and I've not had this before.

I even spotted a group of monkeys dipping in the pool (errr its a smaller pond but not really utilised anymore) and I wanted to take a photo of them, but unfortunately on my 2nd round, they were gone!

Anyhow, I had great fun, stopped when hubby called to say he'll meet me at the PaRam (Pasar Ramadhan) 30 minutes later. I think this 30 minutes was the best ever!

ON the 6th Day, it rained and I'm hoping today it won't...since it poured all morning!


isabelle said...

whoaa...u r great!

i remember those days in the alma mater hostel. lps amik tray utk berbuka, most students would be playing netballs/badminton/whatnot.

dunno y. but i did it too.

Fong said...

huhu..bestnyer 30min u.. can imagine dat from ur post... =) sweet..