Thursday, November 5, 2009

Accident? Heart attack?

What’s your take if you see;
1. An elderly man sprawled on the road, half his body on the sandy roadside and the other half on the road, motorbike parked near him, upright and nothing wrong;
2. One hand outstretched onto the road;
3. Looked like sleeping (but dunno if he is);
4. Drenched ;
5. And it was RAINING heavily but he is still in that position sprawled; and
6. No one coming to aid (though it was the mainroad and many cars were passing by)

Of course being a female driver and alone, I wouldn’t stop lah. However, after I passed I noticed 2 motorcyclists actually turned around and went back to that ‘scene’.

And this happened near a car workshop, but not in view of the workshop. I suppose due to the rain, not many people would’ve heard him if he screamed.

My guess is that he may have had a heart attack or something. I hope he’s ok…or some kind Samaritan did help him somehow.


yatie chomeyl said...

if i were you puni tak berani nak kesian gak kan kalau xde org tlg dia

isabelle said...

i wished i could help.
but since i couldnt, hope someone else did.

kalo dah tolong tu, rupa2nya dia main2...ketuk je kepala dia.

Fong said...

dont help if u alone.. hehe, nanti kene tipu.. kat dam, ade sorg tgh lari kene heart attack.. ipun tak help coz lots of helper da