Monday, November 2, 2009

Terry Fox Run 2009

My 'partner' throughout the run
1st Nov 2009 – wow, 2 more months to the new year! How time flies.

Went for the Terry Fox Run, supposed to meet some colleagues (my boss, actually) but didn’t have her contact number, so I didn’t meet her there so we wouldn’t know if either party went. However, I was there as promised. Gosh, from the parking area, it was a good 10-15mins walk to the start point, through the park too. Lake Gardens is huge and all the parking areas are full.

So, I reached the starting just in time as they were calling for those with ‘wheels’ to be grouped at one side. I think not many took heed but I went anyway and soon, as I reached that point, it started. Oh, I had lil’ AIR in his stroller with me. And the best part was, he slept from the house right to the start and all the shifting from carseat to stroller didn’t wake him up.

I walked and there were just too many people. Somehow I was walking pretty fast, with or without stroller, and soon I began walking past a lot of people, while I have to realize I have to make way for those who are running. Then suddenly, up this one slope/hill, I decided to run. And so I did for the rest of the 3.5km. I guess it was my first run, complete with stroller through an undulating route. I didn’t get to go really fast cos it was congested, yes human-traffic-jam. But good enough for a jog. Superb. Until certain points where the sun came in the way and was shinning at AIR, had to stop for some adjustments to his stroller.

The best part of the whole thing was – AIR slept right through, sun shinning on him or not, road bumpy, rickety or not. Oh boy, it was bliss…there were kids crying out to be carried, complained tired and hot and didn’t want to go any further….and here I was enjoying myself running with AIR.

At the finish point, one guys even commented that he was amazed that AIR slept, and I actually expected him to wake up maybe 30mins later. Cos from home to the start was already a good 45 mins and his morning naps don’t last longer than 1 hr.
On the walk back to the car, just exiting Lake Gardens, he suddenly awakens and cries out. He slept for a good 2 hrs! My oh my! Now he wants to be carried. Not good enough just having eye contact with me. Can u imagine, now I have to carry him in one hand and steer the stroller with the other and road was not flat. Yes, tired, arm aching after less than 200m. So I pujuk him to take a seat. Thank God he sat down quietly. And I kept imagining if this had happened during the event.
Somehow, I had fun....


Fong said...

hehe, AIR enjoys running in his dream better.. mcm rocking chair kot.. u can run more now =)

Fong said...

hehe.. me again.. mmg 8... u found your lifelong partner in crime this time =)

yatie chomeyl said...

good boy AIR..dia enjoy kene "lari" la tu hehe