Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh No!

Its been ages since I posted anything.

This was supposed to help relief stress and vent my feelings, but no, it didn't turn out to be so.

On Sunday, AIR had fever. His 1st ever fever but we didn't think much about it, cos by evening, it was gone. then on Monday, in the wee hours, I realised he was HOT again. Hmmmm I got worried. Morning came and I reluctantly sent him to the nursery but by noon he was still the same. later, I think he wasn't feeling too good and the nursery called to say that he kept crying.

Worried, I left slightly early and went to pick him up. By that time, he wasn't hot anymore. Or warm. Just manja. And so I solicited help from dear Mum to come over (yes, import mali from Penang) to help take care of AIR. We were worried it could be something more serious.

By the next day he was actually fine, but not 100%. But being ultra-manja that he was, he enjoyed every moment with Granny.

On the day Granny left, we discovered spots on his face pulak. Oh Boy!! Hope its not the pox! Thank God, the Dr. confirm tat it could've been bedbugs or mites. Hmmmm his cot!

Luckily he's fine now!

and the weekend's here.....

what shall we do this weekend?


Fong said...

Cepat sungguh da weekend.. =) bb sakit, u kena jaga.. tak sakit pun lagi kena jaga coz da active =)

isabelle said...

haihh..time2 baby sakit ni mmg bagi kita semak kepala.
sib baik dah weekend. so, u can focus on him.

yatie chomeyl said...

get well soon AIR