Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is that all there is?

It's interesting or perhaps weird would be a better word to describe it, that when I had lunch at Pasar Siti Khadijah this afternoon, all, and I mean ALL the stalls there were selling the same food, i.e. nasi campur and soup (as in noodle soup). And EVERY single stall was the same. Perhaps the only difference may have been some of the dishes for the nasi campur, however, there were a few 'signature' dishes, i.e. the daging bakar, budu with something and alot of masak lemaks. (that was what I could gather glancing once over at some of the stalls.

Let's see, what shall I have for lunch tomorrow? I had bihun sup just now and it wasn't too bad. Hmmmm maybe I'll just drive around. I spotted a nasi kukus with ayam bakar which smelt very nice this afternoon when I drove by. The aroma of the ayam bakar seeped into the car. :) Or perhaps something else. hmmmm

Its been a long day....goodnight :P


isabelle said...

when i travel, i love to enjoy the signature dishes too.
it's a must.

i wonder why some people eat so much at the hotel (bfast is an exception) while they are travelling.

Fong said...

cekmek, as usual, mesti u forgot to take pic till d food is finished =) org anto g keje, die g siti khadijah market =)
isabelle, ppl thinks ape kelas makan kat tepi jalan =)