Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I declare 'no-milk-day'!

It’s amazing. And I’m abit worried.

Yesterday, AIR’s last proper milk feed was in the nursery, before he fell asleep as I went to fetch him. At about 9pm, he awakens and has some milk, probably about 4oz. Not his usual amount. He stirs and wakes up again at almost 1am (yes, normally his last feed is about 11pm to 1am – depending on when he dozed off) and so we made milk for him.

Anticipating his reluctance in having milk recently, we made less, only about 4 oz also, and guess what, he rolled over and went back to sleep without even taking a sip from the bottle. He just refused. He turned away whenever the bottle was brought near him.

So nevermind, left him to be, thinking that he would disturb my sleep again shortly. But no, when I woke up at 530am, bottle was still full in the holder (means hubby also wasn’t awaken) and baby was happily babbling to himself, rolling around the cot. Boy oh boy. So I tried to tempt him with the bottle and again, same reaction.
Left him and got things done. Came back later and tried again (with newly made milk) and same response. So I thought to myself, this fella superbla, suddenly not hungry at all?

I was worried. Gave him biscuits and he took it, but unlike days when he is really hungry, when he finishes the piece he has, he will ask for more, but this time no, he kept on playing and only until I offered him another piece that he got distracted and wanted that piece. So for breakfast today, it was biscuit and juice instead of just milk. It must be really horrible to have the same milk for 10.5 months now, right? :)

Oh well…let’s hope he’s better with milk today at the nursery.


Fong said...

hehe, duno nak kesian kat baby or mumy die..

isabelle said...

i better kesian to the mummy.
babies tend to act weirdly like that at certain ages. dont worry, babe.
AIR's gonna be fine very soon. trust me.