Thursday, November 12, 2009


Erm, yay because of what? because I can finally leave my sitting infront of the computer and go to site. Yeah!

1st it was a day trip to JB. Yes day trip...not exactly very tiring la, but I'm not a fan of night driving. Thank God it wasn't raining.

And now, I'm in Kota Bahru. Yes, and no, I didn't drive but flew here.

My 1st trip to KB was probably 20 yrs ago. Yes, that long ago and I barely remembered how it was like. And gosh, so many things are different here than the other states on the west coast of even Pahang. Terengganu is somewhat similar, but still not the same.

I'm quite surprised that people here are quite friendly and nice.

In fact, after completing my tasks, I had some time to drive around (part of my task, but I just went further) and well, seems like life here is pretty simple. I've yet to see the 'urban' housing estates yet. Hmmmm....

Anyway, lets see what else I'll be exploring tomorrow :)

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