Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let's go to the gym

Used to be a FF gym member for about 5 years. Until I was pregnant. Terminated my membership, knowing it will be unused (not underutilized).

2 years and 2 babies on, I’ve decided that I will not join a gym as it will definitely be underutilized. The so-called gym at my place is good enough and somehow working out outdoors with the kids is a better option. Improvise-lah, in other words.

Recently TF called to offer a free pass for 3 or 4 weeks (depending on which outlet you choose). Since it’s free, why not? So yesterday, I went to the gym in Jaya 33.

It was as though I’ve not been to a gym before. I forgot to pack so many things. Gosh! But anyway, I went.

First impression, BIG and spacious compared to FF. Equipment still quite new. So off I went on the elliptical trainer. Next, I noticed, not all cardio machines were located in areas with TV, unlike in FF. One drawback. I prefer watching the screen then plugging in into songs.

Then I went on to the weight machines. First try, wah, impressed that I could still lift/use the same weight or even slightly more than 2 years back. I guess I still have the strength but my muscles are just not toned. Or perhaps my ‘weights’ back home did help :)

So from one machine to another I went, reliving my previous workouts. As I headed to the free weight area, I got stares from the macho looking guys there. Why? Female can’t do free weights? Felt like giving them a slap, but instead, since I didn’t bring my gloves (excuses), I turned around and went back to the weight machines.

I was kinda bored. Don’t ask me why. I dunno either. Perhaps I felt like an outsider. Haha go gym also must feel welcomed eh? Or I’m now more ‘one-with-nature’? hehe

Then I decided to stretch and call it a day.

The day after – body ache? None. Muscle sore? None. Maybe I didn’t push myself hard enough. But maybe my muscles were already used to it, just that they only need to be toned with more consistent and structured workouts. Well, my 11kg and 5kg awaits me daily at home, shopping, makan2 or jalan2, just about anywhere. :) I just need to get a regular routine up with them after my free pass expires ;p

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